Monday, October 27, 2008


UPDATE: I'll be posting new stories in the next couple of months.  If you're interested in being updated, email me at to be added to my newsletter.

Story Spotlight:

After all these years, I'm now a published author. After all, it's not like they let just anyone upload a book on Amazon ... oh, wait ...

An author from my Goodreads group was especially helpful in getting me to finally take the plunge.

Here are some of my favorite on-topic sites on the web:

My New Goodreads Group:

ENF and CMNF Group - If you're interested in purchasing or selling stories about ENF or CMNF, this is meant to be the place for you.  I just started it, though, so it'll take a while to attract a lot of readers and authors.

Websites for Stories:

ASN Story Board - Obviously the best ENF story site that I've found.

Writings of Leviticus - This site is regularly updated and has a lot of good stories, including the classic Reluctant Exhibitionist.

Katie Smith Archive - This site has the Tracey Stories, some of my favorites ever! 

Katie Smith Yahoo Group - You can find new stories here.

Stuff and Nonsense - This site has went dead. If anyone has the stories, please email them to me.

All CMNF - This board is still building up its content, but it has promise.

Don Gordon's Story Archive - Good Girls, Bad Boys is one of my favorite stories, and I like his other work, too.

Blackmail and Humiliation Directory at ASSTR - It's an open directory without any descriptions, but some of these stories aren't too bad.

My Favorites on Literotica - Besides some of the ASN members, check out Charles Petersunn and Alfamann!

Other Sites:

Indian Outlaw's Stripping Naked Discussion Forum - The discussion forum for the ASN Story Board. If you're looking for a story or want to share a cool site, post there.

One Click Chicks - If you're done reading about naked girls and want to see naked girls, this is a good place.

ENF Blog - Really good collection of stories and videos.


Anonymous said...


Consider a link done and added. If this blog 'goes under' for whatever reason, I have seen some great blogs go over the years sadly, let me know and I can make space available to you.

Thanks for the link back to ALL CMNF most appreciated and unexpected.

Do drop by the site too and feel free to add anything there as well. Not just stories but fun as well.


ps a return email would be nice in case I have to make a return contact.

donna barber said...

Katie's site is now just an archive but new stories by her, me and other writers can be found on her new yahoo group

Katie Smith stories