Tuesday, September 19, 2017


UPDATE 5-20-18: I've just uploaded another brand new novella to Amazon. It's called The Shame Gambit: An ENF Novella. Based on one of my oldest stories, Allison's Lesson in Humility, this story is completely re-edited and almost doubled in length to over 31,000 words. Check it out:

And don't forget about Safety First, in which an architect, Lois, has to visit a construction site. Nothing embarrassing happens and she keeps all her clothes on ... just kidding. Lots of embarrassment, nudity, and arousal follow. A related short story, "Safe and Secure," is posted below.

Next up: I'll be publishing another brand new novella, Anything, in about a couple of weeks or so. A BBW, Rachel, isn't happy with her body or her love life. Casi, from "Casi's Secret" below, offers to help her out.

Also on my plate, I'm working on an as yet untitled companion story to publish on this site and a few others concurrent with my release of Anything.

Finally, I put a lot of thought into making my for-sale stories available at more sites than just Amazon, and I've decided against it. At this point, I just don't think it's worth it to me financially. Sorry.

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Now, with all the selling and updating out of the way ...

Welcome to my story archive. This blog is the only site that contains a complete set of my free stories, and, though I've started to publish new ones for money, I don't plan on totally abandoning posting original content here.

I write in the embarrassed nude female genre and try to encompass as much within that theme as I can. What turns me on most is a girl who wants to take off her clothes but is nervous about doing so. In most of my stories, I put that girl in a situation where she is either coerced into getting naked and ends up enjoying it, or her arousal overcomes her reluctance. I'd like to think that most of my work is nice, but some has gotten a little rougher than I intended.

Most of these stories were written to be posted on the ASN Story Board, which has certain rules regarding how much material of a graphic nature will be tolerated. Because of these guidelines and because it fits my own tastes, you'll find that I concentrate on the girl being stripped and her reactions rather than on hardcore acts.

Story List (word count in parenthesis):

New Story as of 9/19/17 (the sequel to "Safe and Secure"):

Safe Flight (2700) - Fresh off her humiliating trip through airport security, Lois steps onto the plane. Too bad for her that she's both ridiculously horny and way, way underdressed.

Jessica (5800) - Jessica is blackmailed by Ryan into stripping for him.
Geri and the Fundraiser (5100) - Geri loses a bet to Ryan.
The Group Goes Camping (9400) - Ryan and friends take the girls camping.
Geri at the Office (8000) - Geri gets into trouble for surfing the Internet at work.
Allison's Lesson in Humility (17000) - Sorority girl Allison gets taught an embarrassing lesson.
Ashley's Hawaiian Vacation (3700) - Ashley finds herself embarrassed by her stepmom.
Diane After Work (4900) - Diane is tired of being boring, so she decides to have an after work adventure.
Maggie's First Job (3800) - Meek Maggie struggles to control her classroom.
Holi's Babysitting Job (3200) - Holi is thrilled to land such a well paying job until she learns just how bad the twins can be.
Casi's Secret (7900) - Casi's love life is about to take off.
Tradition (38500) - Love story revolving around a shy cheerleader. My wife calls it porn for girls.
Amy Goes to the Masked Ball (4300) - Amy's friends(?) coerce her into attending a Halloween party.
Janet's Incentive Program (22800) - Janet is about to be fired, so she had better find a way to motivate her team fast!
Mel's Last Minute Gift (10000) - Melanie wants to make her husband lose control in bed.
Kate and the New Office Program (10100) - Kate is volunteered to take part in a new program at work.
Billy Makes a Wish (2000) - A dying boy has his wish fulfilled.
Tracey's Last Day of School (2300) - Based on Katie Smith's character, Tracey, a girl experiences a humiliating day at the hands of her fellow students.
Gina's Dares (6700) - A repressed young woman opens up to her friend about her exploration of exhibitionist dares.
Dana Plays Paintball in the Office (14100) - She thinks she knows everything and can do anything. He's about to prove her wrong.
Carol Is Talked Into It (6100) - A shy woman is talked into stripping by her coworkers.
Redi's Punishment (8600) - After participating in a mean prank, a girl gets her comeuppance at the hands of her mother.
Abi's Summer (14600) - A girl with trust issues reveals all to her crush.
The Dragon with the Naked Girl Tattoo (8000) - A blend of fantasy and erotica answering the question: why would a dragon have a tattoo of a naked girl?
Safe and Secure (3100) - Lois, from my brand new novella published on Amazon, Safety First, has to get through security at LAX. Too bad her clothing refuses to cooperate.


Battle of Carter Hall

This series tells the story of a prank war between the cheerleaders and the volleyball team at Filton College. The hijinks get a little out of hand, and lots of ladies end up showing off more than they would like. My intention with this one was to do a series of stories that could stand by themselves but that also fit within an overall larger story. Also, I wanted to break out of my mold a bit. Most of my stories tend to have happy endings in which the ENF embraces her humiliation and/or falls in love. These tend to be more harsh. There's no rape or anything like that, but most of the victims are not happy about what happens to them.

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